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UPDATE: April 28, 2021: Opinion: The arts got you through the pandemic. It’s time to support artists. Houston Chronicle
AAH publishes an opinion editorial on the current state of affairs.

January 17, 2021: Art Dirt: How Does Texas Arts Funding Work?, Glasstire

December 1, 2020: Arts Funding in Pandemic Texas, Part 2, Glasstire

November 23, 2020: Arts Funding in Pandemic Texas, Part 1, Glasstire

September 29, 2020: Arts Accountability Houston and H.A.L.A. Respond to HAA Proposal on Grants Shortfall

September 25, 2020: Houston’s art grant winners have a pandemic-sized problem, Houston Chronicle Preview

September 17, 2020: Glasstire [UPDATED, September 18] Arts Accountability Houston Publishes List of Demands for The Mayor of Houston and HAA