HAA 2020 SACI Grantees

Adam Castaneda
Alexis Zanete
Alli Villines
Allison Hunter
Amy C. Evans
Ana Tuazon
Analicia Sotelo
Andrew Reynolds
Anne Houang
Brenda Cruz-Wolf
Brent Richardson
Brittany Bass
Candice D’Meza
Cecilia Norman
Cressandra Thibodeaux
Daniel Fuller
Edgar Guajardo
eric burton
Falon Mihalic
Felicia Johnson
Francis Almendarez
Gabriel Martinez
Hannah Holloway
Harrison Guy
Hayan Charara
Henry G. Sanchez
Jaison Oliver
James Templeton
Jesus Medel
Jo Fleischhauer
Jolie Rocke
Jonathan Caouette
Jose Diaz
José Hernández López
Josephine Mitchell
Julie Bata
Kamerra Franklin
Kay Adshead
Kemi Oguntona
Leonardo Lina
Ling-lin Ku
Lisa Harris
Liyen Chong
Lovie Olivia
Loyce James
Marc Newsome
Mariela Dominguez
Meghan Hendley
Murad Aliyev
Natalie LaValley
Preston Gaines
Reginald Adams
Rivkah French
Robert Jackson
Ryan Hawk
Sebastian Gomez de la Torre
Shih-Hui Chen
Sonny (Varun) Mehta
Spike Johnson
Tami Moschioni
Teresa Chapman
Tony Diaz
Trenton Kirksey
Troy Scheid
Vincent Victoria
Yajaira De La Espada
Zain Awais
Zuqiang Peng

We published their names here because for 8 months in 2020, their names were not announced or celebrated despite being awarded the grant in late December of 2019. Since then Houston Arts Alliance has taken the step to publish their names in recognition.

We also mourn the lack of funding to provide similar opportunities to as many individuals in the year 2021 as there was no cycle announced due to the pandemic and lack of financial planning despite Houston’s disaster prone status. The next Houston Arts Alliance Support for Artists and Creative Individuals cycle begins in August 2021.

If you are an artist/art lover/concerned community member, we ask that you support Arts Accountability Houston’s efforts to work towards robust and equitable public funding for the arts in Houston. Access to the arts for all should be a right, not a privilege.

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